LSO Discovery

28 Jun


I don’t know if it is an official “LSO Discovery” project or not, but I was a member of the Bell South Youth Ensemble, under the direction of Richard McNichol, back during the LSO’s 1995 Daytona Beach trip. I was then a counselor for the group in ’97 and ’99, as a student at Stetson University in Florida. I have *many* fond memories of the camp, the best of which being the ability to perform with the LSO in all three of the youth concerts! It was primarily because of the BSYE that I decided to pursue a career in music after I graduated high school. I majored in music education for my bachelor’s degree and then in violin performance for my master’s. I am now a high school orchestra teacher in the Dallas, TX area, and occasionally bring up my time with the LSO. Richard and the entire orchestra were a tremendous influence on me, and I will never forget how they passed around and signed a birthday card for me during the ’95 camp. The orchestra was so kind and welcoming to us and I wish you all the best as you continue to influence the future’s musicians and audiences! Happy 20th birthday!

Phillip Anderson


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