Fusion Orchestra

3 Jun

As an active member of LSO Fusion Orchestra, I’ve enjoyed many LSO Discovery projects. The LSO Discovery team have offered me many opportunities to work with the LSO plus many famous composers and conductors; including Nitin Sawhney, James MacMillan and many more… Meeting these guys has been an awesome experience; the project involving James MacMillan’s ‘Into The Ferment’ piece for the LSO On Track Orchestra was fantastic! Getting to meet him and work with him was a super bonus! I absolutely loved every moment of it! Especially getting a chance to perform on the Barbican stage was extremely exciting!

I’ve been joined to the LSO Fusion Orchestra for quite a while now and I’ve enjoyed every session which is mainly held every term holiday, which is fantastic for keeping students busy and entertained over the holidays. I can never get bored of a LSO project, because I know it’ll involve meeting new people and learning new stuff. It’s great that we get to meet London Symphony Orchestra members through these projects, because they help inspire us to fulfil our musical talents. I think the LSO Discovery team is fantastic and should continue doing more projects like this in the future!

Elaine Pang


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